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Trackers Northwest Offers Summer Camps for 2013

Parents in Portland, Oregon, looking for nature-based activities for their children may want to check out the day and overnight summer camps hosted by Trackers Northwest, a company that specializes in outdoor education. The company furnishes adventures appropriate to a wide range of ages. Children between four and 10 years old enroll in the School of Magic, an experience in which participants pursue wizard themed adventures in local parks.

Young people from six to 14 years can join the Stealth, Archery, and Wilderness Survival camp. While there, children learn how to correctly shoot a bow, find their bearings using a compass and the sun, and create their own wilderness shelter, in addition to many other engaging lessons.

Finally, children 10 to 16 years old can enroll in the Apprenticeship of the Blade: Blacksmithing and Martial Arts camp. Besides learning to forge using a hammer and anvil, individuals gain awareness of and respect toward the environment’s natural beauty. Further, campers explore the Niten Ichiryu, a school of swordsmanship founded by Miyamoto Musashi, the famed samurai warrior.

Learn more about the above summer camps as well as classes for adults on the Trackers Northwest website at