About Trackers Northwest

Tony and Molly Deis started Trackers Northwest in 2004, building on Tony’s experience developing outdoor education programs for organizations such as Portland State University, the Audubon Society of Portland, and Metro Regional Parks and Greenspaces. Since then, Trackers Northwest has emerged as one of the largest and most respected outdoor camp programs for children and adults in the Portland, Oregon, area and elsewhere. Referrals from satisfied parents and students have provided a cornerstone for the growth of Trackers Northwest.

Programs offered by Trackers Northwest seek to give participants a sense of connection to the land and the community at large. Scholarships are offered for select programs, and community-based family days allow everyone a chance to participate in the many excellent educational opportunities provided by Trackers Northwest.

Trackers Northwest takes an “old school” approach to outdoor education. The company re-creates the experience of a village of people who are connected through the land. Programs teach respect for the natural world while promoting the development of the outdoor survival skills that we no longer consider common in our modern, technologically oriented society. Many of the programs also give participants a chance to learn more about traditional crafts that incorporate various natural elements.

Safety is often a key issue for people investigating outdoor education opportunities. Trackers Northwest remains committed to providing a safe environment for participants. Experienced staff members receive ongoing training pertaining to the latest standards for safety and responsibility outdoors. Trackers Northwest is fully licensed and bonded with the State of Oregon. Trackers Northwest provides adventure, but never at the expense of a participant’s safety.

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