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Three Things Children Learn at Summer Camps

September 19, 2012

Summer camps have evolved from being a period of discovery and fun to being an integral part of children’s routines. During camp time, kids explore and evolve their understanding of the world around them.

Here are three habits that kids learn during summer-camp season:

— Positive reinforcement and focus: Summer camps can prove essential for a healthy self-esteem. For example, martial arts summer camps teach you the importance of focus and inner strength. They teach children to draw upon inner strength and fight with quiet determination.
— Adventure and exploration: Several summer camps focus on creative ways to explore the world around us. For example, Northwest Trackers reestablishes a village of people tethered together through land and family. Their summer camps enrolled more than 2,100 kids around the country last summer. “They get the chance to interact with their world in a grand way, an epic way,” says Tony Deis, founder of Northwest Trackers. This means kids get to milk goats, distill jams, and make their own wood carvings.
— Social and survival skills: Because they involve unusual settings outside the kids’ comfort zones, summer camps are essential to help your kids learn how to interact with strangers and develop survival skills in alien settings.

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