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Summer Camps with Trackers Northwest

August 24, 2012

Giving kids a genuine opportunity to interact with nature, Trackers Northwest offers numerous summer day-camp options, as well as overnight experiences for children ages 4 to 18. Divided into small groups by age, participants choose from skill and theme-based camps, including “Elves, Rangers, and Wizards,” “Little House: The Wilders Homestead,” and “Stealth, Archery, and Wilderness Survival.” Other choices encompass fishing and a Counselor in Training Program. All of the staff and teachers have passed extensive background checks and possess expertise in a variety of outdoor skills such as fly fishing, archery, tracking, homesteading, boating, and survival preparedness. For more information visit http://www.TrackersPDX.com.

About Trackers Northwest: Founded in Portland, Oregon, Trackers Northwest has expanded to include locations in Eugene, Oregon, and in the California Bay Area. Founded by Tony and Molly Deis in 2004, the organization functions as a family wilderness school, offering classes in homesteading and wilderness survival.

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