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Trackers Northwest Offers Immersion Program

June 29, 2012

A respected leader in outdoor education programs, Trackers Northwest acts as a wilderness college to teach students how to live connected to the land, operating a school that lasts a traditional academic year from September through June. The organization’s immersion program encompasses skills in outdoor survival and homesteading. Participants choose to enter one of two guilds, depending upon their interests. The Rangers Guild focuses on tracking, camouflage, and survival, while the Wilders Guild involves cultivating and harvesting wild plants, gardening, and homesteading.

The program entails participation in one to three core subjects, allowing individuals to partake according to their level of interest and availability. Classes take place on the 40-acre piece of forested land near the Bull Run watershed known as the Trackers Homestead, and students participate one, two, or three weekends per month, depending on their course of study.

About Trackers Northwest: A family organization founded in Portland, Oregon, by Tony and Molly Deis in 2004, Trackers Northwest focuses on outdoor education with a personal connection.

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