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An Overview of Guilds Presented by Trackers Northwest

June 12, 2012

Trackers Northwest endeavors to bring families and friends together to form villages, societal groups who work together to reclaim forgotten skills such as outdoor living and survival. Toward that end, Trackers Northwest offers different types of guilds whose members perform unique functions.

The Rangers guild collects individuals who performing hunting and gathering duties for the villages. Rangers also scout and utilize tracking, awareness, and similar abilities to traverse the wild. If the Rangers are masters of land, the Mariners wield expertise over water. Together, Mariners construct boats that connect land and sea. They also fish and study sea life to achieve a better understanding of their territory.

Artisans seek to rekindle our interest in theater, crafts, and different types of music. They tell tales designed to remind us of the trials and tribulations of those who lived their entire lives in the wild, helping us understand where we came from. Finally, Wilders serve as village caretakers. From their guidance, the village can achieve a better understanding of the animals and plants in the wild.

To learn more about guilds and Trackers Northwest, visit www.trackersearth.com.

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